Davine Intervention Service List

Teresa provides a range of consultancy service for existing and new practices to ensure excellence in services. This includes risk management and quality assurance, practices set up and suppliers, waste management, operating procedure manuals, staff recruitment and training, Occupational Health and Safety, and design of administration, reception, surgery and sterilisation areas.

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Davine Intervention - ServicesQuality Assurance Audit

Quality Assurance audit of all dental practice operating procedures and protocols. This incorporates an audit of records, documentation and observation of clinical and administration procedures. Practices are provided with a comprehensive audit report with recommendations.

Davine Intervention - ServicesPractice Setup and Efficiency

Assist with the design and setup of all practice areas including sterilisation and surgery areas. Ensure correct flow, ensure equipment is maintained, zoning, ergonomic practices, PPE, personal hygiene and OH&S protocols. Teresa ensures effective practices and cost efficiencies in supplies.

Davine Intervention - ProductsInfection Control Training

This Training Package provides specialist Infection Control Training which is recognised by the Dental Board of Australia for CPD hours (Scientific Infection Control). Training recognised throughout Australia.